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Ninja is rapidly becoming a central sport in Israel and the world, and that’s no coincidence.

Ninja training is a special and fun way to develop personal, mental and social abilities.

Countless participants, children and adults alike, choose Ninja as their main form of fitness training.

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of succeeding in a new challenge. Our Ninja complex in Efrat is never boring.  We provide regular changes to the challenging course layouts.

Goldz Ninja in Efrat has many different obstacles similar to the popular Ninja TV shows, while providing the thrill of competition in the best possible way.

Our facility adheres to the highest standard. We have hosted top competitors and names from the national Ninja community.

Goldz Ninja facility in Efrat is officially part of the Israel Ninja league. Our instructors regularly compete in the league and have even won trophies!

Dealing with Difficulties and Failure

You don't always make it through the ninja challenges on the first try. Usually not even on the second or third. Ninja training gives you the opportunity to overcome failure and teaches you to keep trying until you succeed. By learning not to give our training positively influences all aspects of life.

Improving Cognitive Abilities

Overcoming a Ninja course requires mental capacity and careful planning. By learning how to tackle obstacles, you improve your ability to plan and anticipate your movements in ways that accompany you in day to day life.

Cardiopulmonary Endurance

Ninja training often creates an accelerated heart rate and intense activity in a healthy and safe environment.


All Ninja training consists of the ability to perform quick and precise actions, synchronizing between the brain and muscles. The more you train, the quicker you develop these abilities.

The list of advantages to Ninja training is long, both socially and personally. We invite you to schedule a trial session and see for yourself the ways Ninja training can improve your life!

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Ninja - Open Gym Hours

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From 20:00 onwards the Ninja is for adults only. 

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